Best Man Games

By - 30 Aug 2011A creative best man speech is a challenge – so how about turning the speech into a quiz for the bride and groom instead? This is the quiz I saw at a wedding recently.

The best man got the bride and groom to sit in full view of the guests with their backs to each other, and take off their shoes.  The bride and groom then swapped one shoe each.  

The craftily prepared best man then launched a range of questions, designed to show just how perfect this match really was – and what the bride and groom still had to learn about each other.

Questions ranged from ‘Who asked who out?’ to ‘Who will clean the toilet?.’ After each question, the bride and groom raised the shoe to show who they thought was the correct answer.

The bride and groom both nominated themselves as the answer to ‘Who is the better driver,’ and ‘Who apologises first after a fight?.’  Well, we guess they’ll learn the correct answers in time.

The final and most romantic question was ‘Who do you love the most in the world?’  Luckily, the bride held up the groom’s shoe and he held up the bride’s. Awwwww!


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