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By - 23 Aug 2011The best man speech can be a challenge. But best man duties start well before the wedding reception. The best man also has a big role to play in organising the bachelor party / stag do. There are lots of ideas out there, ranging from the sleazy to the downright rugged. So what's hot right now – and what is cooling and cold? This is what we're hearing.


Sleaze. Porn, strippers, drunkeness.  Admit it.  You don't feel good the next day in all sorts of ways after one of these old style bachelor parties.  These days, most men get over the attraction of this sort of event about a year out of high school.  It just aint cool no more.

Sweat. As in sweat lodge.  Talking of things that are not cool.  Some love them, but most of us find sitting in the heat, sweating with our buddies unappealing unless there is a game to watch and beer and pizza on tap.  If we're going to explore our spiritual side, we'll do it somewhere a bit cooler.  Kathmandu perhaps.

Sofa. Television.  Watching the game.  Eating pizza.  Drinking beer.  It's the same thing you and the groom and your friends always did on Saturday nights before there were women in your life.  Sound like heaven?  Yep, well it has its attractions, but as a bachelor party / stag do?  Couch potato night doesn't cut it.  It just isn't a memorable way to celebrate the groom passing from single to married.

Silly. Yes, you can see the bachelor party as an opportunity to be a jackass.  Put on some extreme challenges.  Make the groom throw up as he eats something nauseating or does something that scares him to death.  Yeah, there is a nine year old wanting to be really silly in most of us.  Leave him where he belongs.  Back in your childhood.

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Last game. Basketball, golf, touch rugby, go karting, water polo.  Whatever passion you share with your friends, a friendly pre-wedding tournament is a great focus for your bachelor party.  Training sessions provide a legitimate excuse to get together regularly for months before the tournament.  Then the tournament itself. May the best man win (so to speak).  Then the celebration.  

Adventure for four. Or six.  The small group of best buddies getting together to do some whitewater rafting on Oregon's Owyhee River, dog sledding in the Yukon, or scuba diving on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Man spa. Think you're rugged?  Nothing like a spot of waxing to sort the men from the boys.  And who is man enough to have a facial?  Then you're looking good for a last night on the town.

Buddy bonding.
Those months before the wedding?  A great time to learn something that you and the groom have always talked about.  So spread your bachelor night or stag do over several nights or a couple of weekends as you learn windsurfing or get your dive certificate.  

Cook it. Earn the gratitude of the women in your life and enrol in some gourmet cooking classes -  the ones where you cook then dine with fine wine.  Salmon en croute and a crisp chardonnay with your buddies.  Nice one.



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