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By - 18 Aug 2011Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage apparently. Marriage and monster hangovers do too. There's the girls' night out or bachelor / stag do headache. (Yes, we're still recovering from that recipe for the Buffalo Sweat shot on The Man Registry…) Best way to handle these hangovers is to make sure that you have your pre-wedding celebrations well clear of the day.

Night before 'last night of freedom'or 'kill the nerves' drinking.  That's nasty.  A bleary eyed bride or groom with beer breath might lead to an 'I DON'T' at the altar.  Best man, bridesmaid- it's your responsibility to keep the stars of the show as sober as possible.  The 24 hours before the wedding is a no-drunk zone – especially for the main players. If you think your pal is going to be prone to a binge, make sure they are well occupied until you deliver them sober to the ceremony.  Organise something -  take a walk, go to the bowling alley, book a spa treatment, or go to one of those fancy restaurants where they serve ten tiny degustation courses over about four hours (without the wine!).


But if attempts at abstenance fail, what do you do?  Well, we're not medically qualified but we can't find evidence that convinces us that there is any proven remedy that is going to take the pain away quickly and restore you to being a fully functioning human-like being.  Drinking lots of water, having a Virgin Mary (a Bloody Mary without the alcohol), going for a walk, or taking a long shower – all have their advocates, but we've had hangovers so bad that a combination of all four remedies wouldn't have made a difference.  So hangover prevention is the best policy.

One site with some good info on how to prevent hangovers – and how to recover from them is RealAge.com.  If you think there is a hangover on the horizon check out their prevention tips here – and if it is all too late and you have a groaning groom to deliver to the altar, check out their home remedies.


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