Lovely, Alea Lovely

By - 16 Aug 2011Wedding videos are a beautiful way to remember your special day – and we think the work of video artist Alea Lovely is, well, just lovely!

This is my favourite video - look at what a  creative, colourful and heartfelt portrait it is of Matt's and Bri's wedding. A real sense of celebration from the first shot of Bri getting ready to the dancing bridesmaids and best man and groomsmen, to that final shot of Matt and Bri taking a bow.

Based in the UK, Alea describes herself as 'a photographer, a cinematographer, but most of all a story teller.' Her films explore the emotional side of a marriage and wedding.
She uses cool music, a great range of techniques, and follows the whole process of the day - somehow managing to cram it into a few minutes of videos.

You can view more of her work here, or on her vimeo channel


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